Subaltern Games

(Seth Alter)
Millennial witches vs. alt-right occult magic.
How to play a card game with a dying grandmother.
Mechamor Showdown
ASCII mecha roguelike.
Plague Haggadah
A Passover Haggadah for a year of COVID-19.
Fever dream biblical exegesis roguelike about goats.
Procedurally typeset Talmudic PDFs.
The Aquatic Jewish Calendar
The Aquatic Jewish lunatidal calendar.
Interactive fiction & board game.
RTS-style camera for Unity3D.
Dehumanize students to earn profit.
Extract as much from the world as possible.
Bullshit techno-eschatology.
Texas vs. America!
Gameify the end of the world.
Very detailed fantasy map.
Medieval place-name generator.
Simple object rotation in Unity3D.
Card Creator
Create cards from a .csv file.
Weighted Collection
WeightedCollection Python module.
Unity3D Builder
Create Unity3D builds from Python.


The Windows Rattled (January 2020)